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Old School JDM at CarDomain

It looks as if a group dedicated to classic JDM has been started recently at the online car community, though there doesn’t appear to be too much action in the group forum yet.  Still, with 145 members, the group is … Continue reading

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Old School JDM Clothing (Part 2)

It was only a few short weeks ago that we featured Samurai Motor Club, a new Japanese clothing label with old school hot rod influences, but with a JDM twist. So it’s a surprise that there is yet another new … Continue reading

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Not Something You See Everyday

From 1972 to 1977, Mazda’s entry into the Japanese Kei Car market was the Chantez. Unlike the kei-cars of the 80s onwards, the 70s Keis were nothing special technologically, and the Chantez was no different. Whereas 80s Keis had 4 … Continue reading


Toyotas of Puget Sound Off

Motoring J Style might have been the most publicized nostalgic car event of the weekend, but it wasn’t the only one. The Puget Sound Toyota Owners Club held their third annual Toyota Festival on Sunday, July 29.  The event welcomes … Continue reading

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Motoring J-Style. A Sign of the Times.

More than being a top idea for an event, touted as the first car show to focus specifically and exclusively on Japanese cars (mostly classic), the Motoring J-Style event stands out as a brilliant example of just how prevalent the … Continue reading

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Motoring J Style Preview

The inaugural Motoring J Style has come and gone. We’ll have a full gallery up in our Events section soon, but here’s a small preview.


Random Pic: Supra By the Bay

Spotted on the 101 just outside of San Francisco, the big brother of the random third-gen Celica from earlier today. Specimens like the Celica are rare enough on the east coast, but smooth, cleanly modded rides like this Supra – … Continue reading


Random Pic: Celica By the Bay

This is why we love Cali. We’re in San Francisco to attend Motoring J Style this weekend, and within seconds of picking up our rental car (alas, a Ford Focus), we exited the airport to see this mint beauty in … Continue reading

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Van’s Shot of the Week

I forgot to post my shot of the week on Wednesday! So here you are, a beautiful example of a 240Z showing its little brother how it’s done. And before you ask, no I don’t have a bigger version of … Continue reading

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The Greatest Film of Our Time?

JapaneseNostalgicCar have put together a short video made up of shots of achingly hot classic JDM doing not much more than just cruising around.  Might not sound amazing, but just you watch it and see for yourself.  Backed by a … Continue reading

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Now Playing, JNC: The Movie

In a distant land… Strange machines prowl the streets… But now, a dying breed, they are slowly disappearing… Who will save them? Critics are already hailing Halle-saale-schleife: The Movie as the defining film of the twentieth century. “Two … Continue reading

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Toyota Five-O

Regular readers might know that we are pretty puzzled as to why Toyota hasn’t been making a bigger fuss about it’s 50 years in America. As the anniversary draws ever nearer, news on the company’s golden anniversary has gone from … Continue reading


Racing the Rotary (Part 2)

From 1969 to 1970, Mazda had a successful foray into European touring car racing, where their Euro counterparts had been caught off guard. The screaming little Familia Coupes were not short of power and if it weren’t for a lack … Continue reading

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Bring us Your Tired and Huddled Zeds

Every now and then, a thought comes to me.  If there were X amounts of a certain car sold in a particular country 30 years ago… Where are they all now?  In the case of the 240Z, it’s not a … Continue reading


The SR5 Club Speaks

It’s a retrospective bonanza! Hot off the heels of our profile on Mike McGinnis about his days working at a Datsun dealership in th 1970s, Automotive News has published an article about Toyota’s early years and the many hardships that … Continue reading


More Z-car Love

Autoblog has returned with their “Reader Ride of the Day” feature after a brief hiatus, and are kicking it off with a 1972 Datsun 240Z. With only 40,000 miles and some funky pinstripes, the car was undergoing a restoration when … Continue reading

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Racing the Rotary (Part 1)

Mazda was one of the many car companies that paid Dr Felix Wankel and the NSU car company to buy a license to produce the rotary engine. And while many other licensees (including Citroen and GM…and eventually NSU itself) struggled … Continue reading

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Profiles: 1978 Datsun 280Z

Our latest Profile has been posted. I’m sure those in the Z Car community have heard of Mike McGinnis, Z-car restorer and guru extraordinaire. He’s a great guy who has witnessed a lot of interesting stuff in his lifetime, including … Continue reading

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Long Beach USA JDM Classic Car Slideshow

The japanese hold some awesome classic car meets (gotta go to one one-day) but the JDM events in the USA run them pretty close in terms of quality, if not quite quantity. Here’s a sublime slideshow of an event in … Continue reading

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Initial Publica Offering

One of the rarest cars in the US is going up for auction on eBay: a 1965 UP10 Toyota Publica Deluxe. Only four are known to exist here, and according to its current owner, Steve Kopito of TORC, the other … Continue reading

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