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Fasten Your Seatbelts: AE86 2-Wheel Record

He’re a peculiar public service announcement from the Danish government. Apparently, it’s a message about seat belt safety, in which an extremely skilled stunt-driver set world record for two-wheeled driving in an AE86 Corolla only to endure a dark, M. … Continue reading


Just In Time 30 Year Anniversary

Toyota celebrates many milestones this year, including their 50th year of sales in the US and their 50th year in motorsports. But perhaps the most significant one of all, not just to Toyota but the entire automotive industry, is the … Continue reading

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CM On: Car Commercial Database

Here’s an interesting site, the Car CM Database. There, you can see screenshots of your favorite cars, both old and new, starring in their own Japanese TV commercials. From wacky non sequiturs and nutty taglines to cameos by Western actors … Continue reading

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Economies of Scale

When we were kids, we’d scuff up furniture, walls, floors, ceilings and anything else our parents valued with hundreds of little metal cars. Of course, in the US that meant Matchbox or Hot Wheels, and for a brief while, Pocket … Continue reading

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FEATURES: 1986 Toyota Cressida Wagon

New article here, about the recent trip taken to attend the Monterey Historics.

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Yet Another Reason to Learn Japanese

Oh jeez. If there’s one reason I can think of for me to learn Japanese, it’s so I can read all these amazing looking manga comics. I mentioned Garage Restore 251 not long ago, and Auto Otaku has put together … Continue reading

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Contacted Sports

Who knows what Toyotas lurk in the hearts of barns? The Toyotageek knows! The world is big. Cars are small. You just never know what’s out there, waiting for a Nostalgia Jones to unearth it, and with a length of … Continue reading

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Speaking of Honda power…

This is a strange one. It’s not all that uncommon to see cross-manufacturer engine swaps, with there being a number of 2JZ/1JZ powered S30s out there, but nonetheless; this F20C-powered TA22 Celica is on the list of unexpected swaps! I … Continue reading


B16-Powered 1980 Civic

Oh man!  When I decided earlier in the year that I wanted to return to full-time study, there was one part of being a student that had somehow slipped my mind—homework!  Urgh.  So therein lies the reason and the apology … Continue reading

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Random Pic Onslaught, Part 2

Heading towards Laguna Seca for the Monterey Historics, you get to share the highway with some pretty choice machinery. An aggressively-driven Aston Martin DB9 came up fast from behind, but moments later this green 510 absolutely ripped past everyone and … Continue reading

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Random Pic Onslaught, Part 1

Seriously, it’s not funny anymore. The west coast has so many old cars cruising around that at this point we think they’re just mocking us. Here’s a gallery of random roadcraft that just happened to cross our paths during a … Continue reading

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Peace Accord

Here’s a scanned photo from waaay back (as in, before the days of digital photography) from Dutch member honda-ronny at that shows just what happens when law enforcement receives a high from nearby Amsterdam, or when they’re not … Continue reading

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Hardy Laurel

Three chaps from the Uke bought a 1982 Nissan Laurel for a hundred pounds sterling, or just under 200 US dollars. That may not seem like breaking news, but these gents intend to drive their banger saloon from Calais, France … Continue reading

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Daihatsu 100th Anniversary Editions

Europe’s acceptance of minicars has allowed Daihatsu, Japan’s specialist of small, to thrive. Whereas they packed up their subcompacts (possibly in suitcases) and left the US and Australian markets in 1992 and 2006, the Old World still gets the new … Continue reading

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Gift Box

While looking through the photos from the UK’s recent Retro Rides Show on Old Japanese Car, this hakosuka Skyline GT-R done up in the paint scheme of the legendary Grand Champion series car that took the checkered flag at Fuji … Continue reading

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Cosmo Crammer

As part of Mazda’s 40th anniversary tribute to the rotary engine, the Zoom-Zoomers invited a group of renowned journalists to stuff the very cars the company would display at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca up the California coast, just in time … Continue reading

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Dark Continent Datsun

Old pros Jayant Shah and HW “Lofty” Drews ran their Datsun 260Z in the Tanzanite One Arusha Rally recently, which served only as a warmup to the upcoming Kenya Airways East Africa Safari Classic Rally in November. You might remember … Continue reading

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So. You wanna go to Japan (Part 4: Reflections)

  Welcome to Part 4 of our Going to Japan series! So far, we’ve covered the basics of how to get around, feed yourself, find a place to stay, see car shows, meet tuners and buy parts without JDM Tax … Continue reading


Bridgeport Toyota Meet

Our Forum member QuasiMondo posted this thread about a classic Toyota meet that happened recently in Bridgeport, Connecticut. As you can see from these Photobucket galleries here and here, nostalgics from all Japanese marques showed up for what appears to … Continue reading

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EVENTS: Monterey Historics Presented by Toyota

Here it is, more 2000GTs than you can shake a camshaft at. [LINK]

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