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Happy Anniversary, Toyota

Today is a momentous occasion. Exactly half a century ago, on Halloween Day, an upstart Japanese company set up shop in Hollywood, California with the intent of selling cars in the US. A task of such ambition had never been … Continue reading

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SEMA or Bust

We are headed to Sin City for three gigantic convention halls full of cars, cars, cars. From lowriders to towering 4x4s, it’s the trade show that has it all. Well, except for a strong presence of vintage Japanese. There’s usually … Continue reading

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The Hills are Alive, with J-Tin

Move over, Governator, there’s a new force out of Austria to be reckoned with, and that force is Like the name says, it’s a German-language forum for lovers of old Japanese cars, and it’s run by Rainer, aka Mr_Daihatsu … Continue reading

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Vans, They Are A-Rockin'

There’s a new magazine in town, if your town happens to be in Japan.  It’s called Street Van & Wagon, and we know painfully little about it.  We can see that it’s about longbacked cars from the 60s – 80s, … Continue reading

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Return of Nissan's Own GT-R

Unless you’ve spent the last two years being probed in an alien mothership, you know of the triumphant return of Nissan’s GT-R, which (finally!) debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show this week. But at the recent Motorsport Japan 2007 festival, … Continue reading

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240Z: Early US Racing Success with BRE

BRE stands for Brock Racing Enterprises, which is Pete Brock’s race shop that dominated all the classes of US racing that it competed, from the late 60s until 1974 when it was disbanded. BRE was also a contracted racing team … Continue reading

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October Skyline

The car Gran Turismo players have been waiting for was unveiled a couple of hours ago via live webcast and the bras are off! Not that that kind, although we’d probably be tossing ours onto the stage if we wore … Continue reading


More Retro at the ToMoShow

By the time you read this, the Tokyo Motor Show will be in full swing, with concepts revealed by the minute. Unfortunately, our Cressida can’t drive on water (yet?) so we’ll have to admire the festivities from afar. That said, … Continue reading

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Looming Issue

Although we’ve been harping about Toyota USA’s upcoming 50th birthday, this year is actually Toyota Motor Corporation’s 70th anniversary, established as a spinoff of Toyoda Automatic Loom in 1937. There’s a new book coming out in November called How Toyota … Continue reading


Honda S2000 Type-S Debuts

Last Month we posted on a the Honda S2000 Type-S, which looked suspiciously like the US-market Honda S2000 CR that was unveiled in New York. Now the production version of the Type-S has gone on sale, and there are a … Continue reading

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Awesome Blossom

The 2007 Tokyo Motor Show is about to kick off in a matter of days now, and concept photos have been hitting teh internets like a celebrity sex tape. We’ve already noted the Honda CR-Z concept that may portend a … Continue reading

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240Z: Early Rally Exploits

Younger readers would associate Nissan sporting heritage with circuit racing and of course, the ubiquitous Skyline GT-R. But on the international stage, Nissan’s earliest motorsport successes were in the rallying arena. In the late 60s, Datsun had very successfully campaigned … Continue reading

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CNN Money on Toyota

The onslaught of media attention to Japanese classics continues towards crescendo.  This time around, it’s CNN Money with their slideshow recalling significant Toyotas from the past half century.  Toyota otaku will surely be able to find a few mistakes in … Continue reading

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The Fairest of Them All

I know a guy, right, with a stunning S30Z right here in my town. You might recall seeing it way back in this wallpaper post, actually. A couple of weeks ago, he and a buddy of his hit the suburban … Continue reading


More Seibu Keisatsu

Just another bunch of clips from Seibu Keisatsu.

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LAT Story in Detroit News

Last week the Los Angeles Times ran a story on the recent Japanese Classic Car Show and the growing interest in classic J-rides. That story has been picked up by the Detroit News, one of the two major newspapers serving … Continue reading

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240Z: Super Samuri

Now this is weird….considering that the 240Z is Van’s favourite car and that it’s resplendent on the GrandJDM banner itself, it’s a little surprising that we haven’t done any historical articles on the 240Z yet. Well, hopefully we can rectify … Continue reading


Nissans in Nashville

Howdy cowboys and cowgirls, if your travels this weekend happen to take you to the country music capital of the USA, Nashville, Tennessee, be sure to mosey on down to the Lane Motor Museum‘s “Nissan Z Cars” exhibit.  The cars, … Continue reading

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Let's Go Sailing, Road Sailing

The new and improved Honda Fit was recently unveiled to the public in Japan, and apparently the Friends of Asimo have resurrected the RS moniker for the new hatch. You know what that means – it’s time to go “Road … Continue reading


This Week at J-Spec

Update: It’s not a genuine GT-R after all! Snap. Who feels like an idiot then eh? That’d be me. I nearly wept when I saw this C10 listed on J-Spec this week. It’s a genuine C10 GT-R (though with an … Continue reading