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H is for Honda, Hot Wheels, and Happy Childhood

We’re not sure how we became unhealthily obsessed with automobiles, but having kind parents who bought us Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars probably helped. It’s hard to believe that the little metal furniture scratchers will be 40 years old this … Continue reading

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Datsun Sunny A Poster Child for Pollution

Here’s a bummer of a leftover from our NorCal photo reel. This billboard for California’s Bureau of Automotive Repairs,, was spotted in San Jose and features a clapped out Datto Sunny as an example of a polluter. It turns … Continue reading


WANT: 28,700-Mile '69 Corona on eBay

Once in a blue moon, something comes along that makes you want to sell your organs to black marketeers. In 2007, we saw a 1966 Toyota Corona sedan with 8700 original miles sell at auction for $16,740. Now, a similarly … Continue reading


JNC in NorCal Prizes

Congrats to Daniel and Zeb, who correctly guessed that two of the cars we were photographing for an upcoming issue of JNC were a Datsun 1600 Fairlady Roadster and a Dodge Challenger (aka Mitsubishi Galant Lambda). Actually, Kev’s post was … Continue reading


EVENTS: Motoring J Style

We’ve been in NorCal manning the JNC booth at Motoring J Style and doing some photo shoots for upcoming issues of JNC magazine. We’re back now and, as promised, here’s a report from the show. There’s more photos in the … Continue reading


Chocolate, Like Shaving Body Is Very Cool: JNC Contest! (Sorta)

One of the challenges (hoho pun) for the keen internet JDM-hunter who is translating all of those wonderful JDM websites using Altavista Babelfish or Google Translator. But try this, and you’ll see that there are lots of words that don’t … Continue reading


What Heaven Looks Like: Nostalgic Car Show Vids

A couple of weeks ago we travelled to Japan to take in the Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show and quite a fine event it was too. Check out our coverage in the forum here. But the event organisers haven’t been resting … Continue reading

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JNC Greetings from NorCal, Part III

Today we were all over the place, from Concord to San Fran to San Jose. The most exciting moment came when one of our subjects’ cars ran out of gas on I-280 and coasted to a stop in the middle … Continue reading


JNC Greetings from NorCal, Part II


JNC Greetings from NorCal

Just before were were about to leave for the Motoring J Style show on Friday, the official JNC wagon experienced a technical malfunction. As a result, in a frenzied last minute decision we had to take a decidedly un-nostalgic car … Continue reading

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Beauty Is in the Eye of the Expressway Interchange

Our man Kev is in Japan right now seeing the sights. And oh what sights there are. Tokyo is so densely packed that expressways don’t run through it, they run over it. Legendary road systems like the Shuto and Wangan … Continue reading


WANT: Nissan President Hearse on eBay

We mentioned Japanese hearses the other day, and as luck would have it, there happens to be one on eBay right now. And this one guarantees safe passage into the underworld because there’s a giant f’in golden dragon on it. … Continue reading


Reminder: Motoring J Style This Weekend

For those of you spread around this vast nation of ours, we just wanted to let you know that not all vintage Japanese car events are in SoCal. In fact, some are in NorCal. Check out Motoring J Style this … Continue reading


Bring Out Ye Dead: Japanese Hearses

When Japanese people die, it’s not enough to go out in a big, black, velvet-lined station wagon. You have to arrive at the afterlife party in style. That’s why we’re glad that alert reader Toyotageek posted a link to pictures … Continue reading


EVENTS: Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show

Mission accomplished! Check out our mind-warping coverage of the 2008 Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show!

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Tokyo Photo Diary

Our international man of mystery known only as “Kev” has infiltrated Tokyo on a recon mission. His objective: the Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show. But, before he breaches that perimeter, he’s hitting the streets and sourcing materials for Project Hakosuka. From … Continue reading

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Nissan 370Z Picture Leaked

A couple of months ago we told you about this speculative drawing of the next iteration of Nissan’s iconic Z car. Now, what appears to be an official Nissan rendering of the final design has been leaked to the world. … Continue reading


Front Drive Toyota Defies Convention, Gravity

Why yes, that is an airborne 1980 Toyota Tercel leaping over a herd of the now-extinct species Compactus domesticus. Plus a Honda. Though it began life in Japan in 1978, the Tercel arrived on our shores for the 1980 model … Continue reading


Reminders for SoCal: There Will Be Events

This weekend promises yet more events in the magical land of J-tin known as SoCal. First up, the Z Car Club Inland Valley is having their sixth annual show in Murietta, CA from 10am to 2pm this Sunday, May 18. … Continue reading


Thai Fighters II: Bangkok Nostalgic Car Show

Ever since we saw the awesome pics from a Thai enthusiast gathering, we’ve been craving more. As luck would have it, an email from Thailander George Manont popped up in our inbox the other day, telling us about the recent … Continue reading