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Happy Halloween from JNC

Did you know that the Grim Reaper’s own personal ride is a sinister S30 Z? JNCer edz280zx was somehow able to both see it and live to draw about it. Have a happy All Hallows’ Eve, everyone! Stay safe and … Continue reading


Friday Video: R31 Skyline in Abunai Deka

Here are some random clips from 80s Japanese cop show Abunai Deka, starring the R31 Nissan Skyline before they switched to the F31 Nissan Leopard / Infiniti M30. We’re not sure what’s happening but there is senseless tire squealing.


Kidney, Anyone? 25K-Mile 1974 Toyota Celica

We’ve seen low mileage Celica Liftbacks before (both yellow, oddly enough), but this is the first Coupe. According to the seller, this 1974 Toyota Celica had just one owner for the first 34 years of its life. When he passed, … Continue reading


Event Horizon – SEMA Edition

Toyota in 2007 had a special display outside the main hall to celebrate their half-century mark, and in 2006 a bunch of their vintage trucks.  Last year, Toyo Tires displayed Roy de Guzman’s 1972 Hakosuka and House of Kolor had … Continue reading


GigaGigaGigaGiga Giga Pudding Sticker

Pop quiz: what is the coolest thing in the universe? The answer, it may surprise you to know, is Giga Pudding. Unfortunately, the gelatinous delicacy is only available in Japan. But, JNCer ohcanada_00 has come to the rescue with the … Continue reading


1977 Dodge Colt / Mitsubishi Lancer Promo Video

It’s the late 70s and the public is clamoring for smaller, efficient cars. Sadly, your portfolio consists of a series of monster land barges where even the smallest offering is several times the size of a Honda Civic. What’s the … Continue reading


Subaru 216A, the Uber Toyota FT-86

As if Toyotaku weren’t already miffed enough that the long-awaited return of the AE86 was packin’ a Subaru 2.0L boxer under its sloping hood, here’s a little salt for that wound: it appears that the top line version of the … Continue reading


Koreisha Mark to Undergo Redesign?

After all this time we still get questions about the JNC logo. Specifically, the teardrop-shaped leaf in the upper right hand corner. To explain, we must first describe the Wakaba Mark for beginning drivers. The Japanese government requires that new … Continue reading


One More from Tokyo: 1917 Mitsubishi Model A

There was one last old school car from the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show and we’re talking old old school. The triple diamond mafia calls the 1917 Mitsubishi Model A the first production car built in Japan — if by production … Continue reading


Nissan’s 40th Anniversary Z-Car Tribute

We didn’t supply you with a Friday Video this week but Nissan has come to the rescue with a tribute to 40 years of the Datsun 240Z. Enjoy!


Actual Nostalgic Cars at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show

We’ve talked enough about retro themed cars at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, so here are some actual vintage cars from the event. Makuhari Messe has two main halls, where Japan’s automakers reveal to the world their next supercars and … Continue reading


Event Horizon

If you know of or would like to publicize an event, send us a tip at feedback(at) This weekend: Saturday, October 24 / Tacoma, Washington: Pacific Northwest Detailing Demo and Pumpkin Run


Retro Honda EV-N and CR-Z at the Tokyo Motor Show

As far as Tokyo Motor Show news goes, it could be hard to top Toyota‘s heartstopper Lexus LFA from yesterday. Honda, however, may kill you with cuteness instead. We told you about the Honda EV-N Concept and resurrected CR-X recently, … Continue reading


Toyotaku Rejoice! FT-86 and Lexus LF-A are Here

The media days of the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show are in full swing and you know what that means. The Toyota FT-Hachiroku Concept has been photographed and nitpicked ad infinitum. It’s a familiar drill by now: AE86 revival, lightweight RWD … Continue reading


CONTEST: Fairlady Z T-Shirt from Import Bible

Hey gang, David from Import Bible has a new T-shirt design with another old school design. This time, its the S30 Fairlady Z, and he is generously offering one free to a lucky JNC reader! This contest will be a … Continue reading


Toyota Meeting at the Toyota Museum of Germany

Art students have Rome. Fashionistas, Paris. For car nuts, there’s Germany. No speed limits, giant glass museums for famed automakers, and legendary race circuits. If we ever make it to Deutschland though, we’re headed straight for Hartkirchen, located on the … Continue reading


Friday Video: Groovin’ With Ken, Mary and Buzz

Hey hey, Friday Video is back! In our barrage of JCCS coverage we neglected to post the solution to our last contest, where we asked readers to identify the song playing at 15:48 in Part 1 of Crayon Shin-Chan: The … Continue reading


Nissan 370Z Commemorates 40th Anniversary of 240Z

Nissan has just announced that a special edition model 370Z to commemorate 40 years of the Z-car. Although the Datsun 240Z we all know and love was introduced on October 22, 1969, the Nissan 370Z 40th Anniversary Edition will go … Continue reading


Event Horizon

If you know of or would like to publicize an event, send us a tip at feedback(at) This weekend: Saturday, October 17 / Irwindale, California: JTuned Auto Gallery @ Formula Drift Sunday, October 18 / Queensland, Australia: Classic Japanese Show … Continue reading

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Coolest Business Card Ever?

We were brainsstorming business card designs recently and came across this Nissan Skyline PGC10 themed one. Turns out it’s for Intersection Magazine, which does not necessarily have a lot of J-tin content, but does have killer photography and art direction. … Continue reading