World’s First Nissan Fairlady Z Newspaper Ad

Ready to go back in time? This is the first newspaper ad in history to fully reveal the Nissan Fairlady Z. It was published on October 20, 1969, four days before the 16th Tokyo Motor Show, where the S30 was shown to the public for the first time. The catch copy of the ad is “Your Dream Comes True,” and seeing as how it prominently features the Z432 and its S20 engine from the Skyline GT-R, we’d say that’s pretty spot-on. The headline for the day says the Yomiuri Giants win again! See the second and third ads below the fold.

This is the second in the series of three ads, published on November 20, 1969, featuring a luxury-grade Fairlady Z-L. The full-page ads were published in the , among other media outlets.

This is the third ad, again showing the Fairlady Z432 and the “Your Dream Comes True” line.  Seeing as how, according to the ad, a standard Fairlady Z cost ¥930,000, a Z-L cost ¥1,080,000, and the Z432 cost a whopping ¥1,850,000, the dreams of many Japanese probably didn’t exactly come true right away!

Images: Ads 1 and 2 were republished on the ; Alan T. supplied the third on .

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6 Responses to World’s First Nissan Fairlady Z Newspaper Ad

  1. Nigel said:

    The first ad was printed when I was one year and three days old !!
    I own three Z’s. (In 1/24)!!

    • Ben said:

      Imagine in those pre-digital days… no spy shots or endless press releases months before a car was due. Then one morning you open up the paper and bam, Z432! Must’ve been quite a sight.

      Who makes your 1/24 Zs, btw? I have one from Jada and one from Maisto.

  2. Chin said:

    I have those ads, I just wish i had real ones lol. I wonder if one day we will see an ad with a new z car that has a gtr motor in it from the factory?…

    • Ben said:

      We should probably be saving ads for the 370Z… one day that car (and newspapers themselves) will be come classics too.

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