By State law, all local government energy codes, including the NYCECC, must be more stringent than the ECCCNYS. NYC Energy Conservation Code. Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State Comparison of the residential provisions of the ECCCNYS and the NYSECCC. (1) Certain published standards are denoted in the ECCCNYS as incorporated by reference into 19 NYCRR Part Such standards are incorporated.

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Division of Administrative Rules

A detailed description of the proposed construction, including a copy of the building permit application and plans and specifications that have been filed by the building permit applicant with the code enforcement officialas well as any other floor plans, elevations, cross-sections, details specifications, or construction documents necessary to 20100 adequately the proposed construction.

Added “If an open- or closed-circuit cooling tower….

Correct to “electrically operated. Requirements for the design of building envelopes for adequate thermal resistance and low air leakage and for the design and selection of mechanical, electrical, service water heating and illumination systems and equipment which enables effective use of energy in new building construction are set forth in a publication entitled Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State, publication date: Deleted all tabular equipment values applicable before January 1,and deleted ” as of Jan 1, ” throughout.

Typographical errors in equations. Added “If percent continuous structural panel sheathing is used on a 2×4 wall, then R-5 continuous insulated sheathing must also be applied over the structural sheathing. The changes made to the rule text since the publication of the Notice of Proposed Rule Making are described in the annexed document entitled “Statement Explaining Why Revised Regulatory Impact Statement is not Required.

Revised to provide that in New York City, energy code inspections shall be special or progress inspections and shall be performed by approved agencies. A concise summary of the disagreement concerning the application of each such requirement for which an interpretation is requested; and.


The code enforcement official shall examine or cause to be examined the ecccnyss construction documents and shall ascertain by such examinations whether the construction indicated and described is in accordance with the requirements of this code and other pertinent laws or ordinances. This code is intended to provide flexibility to permit the use of innovative approaches and techniques to achieve the effective use of energy.

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Delete all values for before January 1,and delete ” as of Jan 1, ” throughout. Paragraph 1 of subdivision b of section If a Cure is being sought please allow enough time for this process to occur. The IECC exempts the entire building and does not distinguish between interior-exterior. The metric conversions in lines 1 and 2 made consistent. Section will read correctly when printed. Print chapters, sections, and subsections for frequently used code. To the fullest extent feasible, use of modern technical methods, devices ecccnys improvements which tend to minimize consumption of energy and utilize to the greatest extent practical solar and other renewable sources of energy without affecting reasonable requirements for the health, safety and security of the occupants or 200 of buildings shall be permitted.

If New York State Energy Law section b remains in effect at the time of any alterationrenovation or repair to an existing building, the applicability of 20110 code to such alterationrenovation or repair shall be limited to the extent required by said section b.

Revised to provide that pool heaters fired by natural gas or LPG shall not have continuously burning pilot lights. Consider not exempting interiors of historic buildings in which interiors are not registered by the Local, State or Federal Government.

Building spaces with a peak design rate of energy usage less than 3. Additionsalterations or renovations to an existing building, building system or portion thereof shall conform to the provisions of this code as they relate to new construction without requiring the unaltered portion s of the existing building or building system to comply with this code. Question meaning of “a comparable occupancy classification.


When using the software approach to show compliance, the mandatory code provisions of Chapters 4 and 5 must be complied with. Design applicants are required to update their drawings, including the energy analysis, when conditions result in a rcccnys change during construction Section ECC Corrected reference changed to “Section A copy of the building permit application denial if one was issued by the code enforcement official.

Delete delta symbol before centigrade conversions. Changed the list of referenced standards as follows: The New York State Department of State has determined 1 that a building energy code which is applicable to both residential buildings and commercial buildings and which meets or exceeds the edition of the International Energy Conservation Codepublished by the International Code Council, Inc.

Deleted last sentence was redundant of first sentence. Revised note “f” for continuous structural panel sheathing by replacing “may” with “shall” in two places. Inserted space to read “the potential for snow or ice…. Such standards are available for public inspection and copying at the office of the New York State Department of State specified in subdivision a of this section. After the prescribed tests and inspections indicate that the work complies in all respects with this code, a notice of approval shall be issued by the code enforcement official.

Identification of each requirement of this code for which an interpretation is requested.