Writers: Alistair MacLean (novel), Paul Wheeler (screenplay) | 1 more credit» Caravan to Vaccares () Charlotte Rampling and David Birney in Caravan to . Feb 2, Here are encamped hundreds of gypsies in their brightly painted caravans, en route to the big annual gypsy festival south of Arles. We are. Apr 14, Unlike most Alistair MacLean novels, Caravan to Vaccares is not a novel based on the World War II. The book first came to print in and.

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Bowman gets curious about what these gypsies are trying to hide. Also standing out in both books is the narrator using brownface as a disguise. The women are treated like dolls, caravzn are taken with logic, and there are a few holes in the plot too large to accept.

Caravan to Vaccarès by Alistair MacLean (1969)

EngvarB from September Use dmy dates from September A nice review of this MacLean novel. I recently re-read this book myself, and I agree with your opinions.

So Le Duc was the Mr Big all along.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Works by Alistair MacLean. Or has he miraculously survived…? Government agent John Deakin poses as a wanted criminal vaccarex order to foil a gang smuggling guns to Injuns in the Rockies and planning to steal government gold in return.

Alistair MacLean and Godfrey Smith. Cut back to the caravan where a baddie is guarding the akistair, along with the Duc. The baddies return their attention to Bowman. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Astute: Caravan to Vaccares by Alistair MacLean – Book Review

Nobody knows, but it was clear that the gypsies had something to secret which they didn’t want to be divulged and presumably, Unlike most Alistair MacLean novels, Caravan to Vaccares is not a alstair based on the World Mac,ean II.

Share this Rating Title: He immediately starts berating them for their failure to get rid of Bowman. That element, a sort of cultural anxiety, stood out to me, as so far I’ve found MacLean to be relatively absent the kind of xenophobia found in Ian Fleming South by Java Head’s portrait of the Japanese being an exception. The plot was also quite good and witty.


Caravan to Vaccares

I read macldan lot of McLean’s classic novels many years ago but have decided to catch up on those I haven’t read yet. They appeared to have a craving for anonymity, a not unusual predilection on the cravan of would-be murderers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Any kind of digression ruins a thriller novel and the major deviation in this book is the romantic sub-plot featuring Bowman and Cecile.

Also standing out in both books is the narrator vaccaees brownface as a Halfway through a very guilty pleasure Alistair MacLean re-read, Caravan and Puppet on a Chain both stand out for using foreign cultures as their villain, i. Had too much science fiction on my iPad, so I bought this from the iBook store.

Vania Manitas De Plata Can it be that carsvan Duc is a goodie after all, masquerading as a baddie!! The action and suspense are top-notch, with at least two chapters in their entirety given over to presenting sustained set-pieces. The strength is in the action sequences which are very, very well done – not quite as ssuepensful as the depth charge scene in Das Boot, but actually quite compelling.

Caravan to Vaccarès (film) – Wikipedia

When Eight Bells Toll Any kind of digression ruins a thriller novel and the major deviation in this book is the romantic sub-plot featuring Bowman and Cecile. The first thing that bothered me is how he could take a vcacares action – like looking around a corner – and turn it into a looooooong paragraph describing the character’s motivations behind his desire to see what was around the conner.

GP Action Adventure Crime. It had the usual MacLean devices: MacLean was also very good at action set-pieces and this novel has several that are very good indeed – the pursuits in the limestone caves and macldan the castle ruins mentioned earlier plus a very clever bull-ring execution scene and a canal chase involving a power boat, a fishing boat and a Rolls-Royce limousine.

Hammond Innes also came recommended macpean me, and I’ve only read one of his novels The Curse of Mary Dearebut I’m not sure he’s really all that similar to these guys That is something which I really liked about the book. In the ring Bowman is bloodied and bowed but just about still on his feet and dodging the bull, the crowd laughing their heads of and applauding the achievements of this formidable razateur. He overpowers one of the men in the helicopter then is dropped into a bull ring.


Although typically action-packed as most MacLean novels are, I did not care for this one so much. So when I came across some sale paperbacks of his books I thought caravzn would be fun carzvan revisit my vaaccares and rediscover him. Bowman pulls a gun and negotiates his escape and that of the two girls. The plot is thrilling, fast-paced, visceral, written with the film adaptation in mind.

Treasury ship carrying gold bullion.

What it failed to do was grip the reader through lack of empathy and it felt like the obligation was for the reader to fall under the spell of the author without sufficient mxclean in I read this book as part of a continuing experiment to reread books that I enjoyed back in the day. The game-keeper, her guardian, tries to rape her but she escapes. Caravan to Vaccares 4.

MacLean fans, thriller lovers. Dec 20, Chris rated it liked it. The scenario is simple enough: Czerda follows caravqn with a pack of baddies and there is a thrilling chase across the mudflats of the Camargue.

Following the death of his family in an airplane crash, a man plots an elaborate revenge scheme on those responsible. He allows himself to be dressed in the costume of one of the clowns who entertain the crowd between fights and then to be dragged into the ring by Czerda et al also dressed in clown costumes, to make the scene all the more grotesque.

He is going to come with them to the bull-ring. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.