In this intelligently argued and principled book, internationally renowned Third World environmentalist Vandana Shiva exposes the latest frontier of the North’s. Book review. Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and. Knowledge. PETE BSUMEK. Few scientific terms have resonated with our culture like the term ` biodiversity’. Biopiracy. The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge. by Vandana Shiva are being allowed to expropriate natural processes and traditional forms of knowledge.

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Central to this is the idea that people will only innovate if they can profit from their innovation through a system of patent protection. The Seed and the Earth Regeneration lies at the heart of life: Assigned reading in one of my courses. Columbus set a precedent when he treated the license to conquer non-European peoples as a natural right of European men.

Grace is likely to be followed by other patent- holding companies. An important qnd that should be read by anyone wanting to understand the global threat posed by the technological transformations of organisms, cells, and molecules and by their exploitation for profit.

The Essential Debate on the Constitution. So the message may be lost on oc who perhaps would do best to listen to her. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Blood of the Liberals. Dec 01, Dr. She starts with a very interesting look at the nature of creativity. I’m going to be a little sneaky and start with the summation and quotes from the conclusion as an overview. Its capacity to renew and grow had been denied.

I agree with her, but I think some of the work is too polemical to be taken seriously by people who don’t share her sympathies.

Jul 23, Evgenia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Very interesting and fierce book about patriarchy, ownership of land, resources, genetic codes and so onmonocultures, and diversity by a leading writer in the environmental movement. The main contribution of the ecology movement has been the awareness that there is no separation between mind and body, human and nature.

It has some redeeming qualities. Monocultures of species and biodiversity erosion are the inevitable consequences of reductionist thought in biology, especially when applied to forestry, agriculture, and fisheries.


See all books by Vandana Shiva. According to Locke, only those who own capital have the natural right to own natural resources, a right that supersedes the common rights of others tthe prior claims. This ‘labour’ is not physical, but labour biopiracyy its ‘spiritual’ form, as manifested in the control of capital.

Therefore, peasants and tribespeople who demand the return of their rights and access to resources are regarded as thieves. We need to recover our biodiversity commons. Since the land, the forests, the oceans, and the atmosphere have already been colonized, eroded, and polluted, she argues, Northern capital is now In this intelligently argued and principled book, internationally renowned Third World environmentalist Vandana Shiva exposes the latest frontier of the North’s ongoing assault against the South’s biological and other resources.

Nov 27, Henri rated it liked it. Aug 13, Leila T. They are resilient one of the latest buzzwords and adaptable, all those things being praised by the new thinking around networks and connectivity being written about by Fritjof CapraNabeel Hamdipermaculturiststransitionistsand slime mould enthusiasts among others.

Naturw definition I quite love, and hope to think through more are these conceptions of ideological boundaries defined and contested: Lists with This Book. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This is such a key insight on the intrinsic connection between violence and capitalism, the ways that violence against nature is mirrored by and indivisible from violence against society.

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Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge – Vandana Shiva – Google Books

Shiva is definitely a great source on the subject and does a beautiful job of interrelating the feminist struggle with the subjugation of our earth. The land titles issued by the pope through European kings and queens were the first patents. Grace’s processing plant the ‘world’s first neem bioopiracy biopesticide facility.

Jun 17, Roger Green rated it really liked it. This is, of course, connected to power, and Shive argues it is rooted long ago when the facilitating ideas of production and value emerged. I like how this is as true of a smallholding such as the one I am working on now, as it is for the East End community I was in before I came here. wnd


Konwledge seems that the Western powers are still driven by plundee colonizing impulse: Environmental Protection Agency EPAGrace has set about manufacturing and commercializing its products by establishing a base in India. Shiva, here, breaks down Western reductionist views of women and nature and describes how this view enables the West to plunder the “third world” and appropriate indigenous knowledge–then claim patents and i Next time some moron claims that you’re just a dumb kid wanting to riot and don’t know a thing about the WTO, IMF, or how great transnational corporations really are, take out this book and whap them upside the head!

Jon MeachamJeffrey A.

Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge

It is a useful book and I am glad she wrote it and I read it, but it is hard to ignore the messy argument based on loose comparisons, including where women’s bodies are tthe in the same way as agricultural activities that in some ways draw parallels between women and the land in terms of fecundity. That way the knowledge can be protected from private patenting by corporations.

While wild analogies are common for postmodern cultural critiques, it is unnerving to read them, especially when authors are making useful and much needed arguments. The colonizer’s freedom was built on the slavery and subjugation of the people with original rights to the land. Apr 27, Melissa rated it did not like it Shelves: I wish this book was better grounded in the valuable work Knpwledge is engaged in i.

Too many plain wrong facts bbiopiracy support unstable arguments.

Biopiracy by Vandana Shiva | : Books

It is a struggle to conserve both cultural and biological diversity. Shiva writes with polemical fury about the dangers of intellectual property rights over life forms. Reductionist biology is increasingly characterized by tye second-order reductionism—genetic reductionism—the reduction of all behaviour of biological organisms, including humans, to genes. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.