Chowringhee is a most popular (Famous) book of Shankar. Just click & download . If you want to read online, please go to (✅Click For Read Online) button and. Chowringhee [Sankar & (Trans.) Arunava Sinha] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THIS IS BRAND NEW PROVIDE %. Chowringhee (novel) Chowronghee is a novel by Bengali author Sankar. First published in Bengali in , the novel became a bestseller and was translated.

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Chowringhee: Sankar & (Trans.) Arunava Sinha: : Books

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Chowringhee is narrated by the somewhat confusingly named Shankar. He lost his promising job as the: It wasn’t so much a building as a mini township.

Hotels make great microcosms, with both a stable cast of characters of staff and management, and then the constantly changing cnowringhee of visitors. Interestingly, Sankar ultimately chooses not to present the hotel as a true unchanging bastion: Hotels have long been obvious settings for novelists: A character here observes to Shankar: Really, what an interesting job you have.


You get chowriinghee meet so many different kinds of people Like Vicki Baum and Arthur Hailey, and many others before and after him, Sankar uses his setting to present a larger picture of a chowringhed and place — here: Calcutta, around the late s.

Independence and partition are not too long past, but Chowringhee is set in a chowrinbhee present, with the focus kept on the personal and, to a lesser extent, social, and the political rarely intruding.

So, for example, the mention of the communist takeover of China is presented only couched in terms of the country suddenly no longer being part of the hotel-entertainer-circuit: The world had become much smaller these days, an enormous mass of land named China having been wiped off the cabaret map. Under his manager, Noel Polo, and novep, Sata Bose, Shankar soon becomes an important cog in the hotel’s well-oiled machinery.

He chronicles his experiences, and this works quite well as both an account of day-to-day life behind the scenes in the hotel as well as in some of the more detailed personal stories he offers, of those he comes to know better, such as one of the headline entertainers and her dwarf-companion.

Review: Chowringhee by Sankar | Books | The Guardian

The personal stories tend to have a tragic touch to them — occasionally close to melodrama — but the advantage of the bustling setting is that there are so many distractions that Sankar and Shankar can’t dwell too long on any single sad story. The hotel is, of course, a place of illicit rendezvous and more generally one where guests hope to be freer than elsewhere.


Nove, too much chaos breaks out and the police have to be chwringhee, they too have to be wined and dined — for free — a bribe to avoid the bad publicity of police reports. An issue that frequently comes up is the availability of alcohol, as there are ‘dry days’ that have to be kept to — which few guests appreciate: Kurt had never heard of such a thing in his life.

Chowringhee (novel)

And you mean to tell me that your country is going to start an industrial chworinghee in this manner, with leftover ideas from the last century? He’s not unsympathetic to their circumstances, but presents a world where, as Bose tells Shankar: Don’t you know the yardstick of modern civilization? In today’s world man is measured by his bank account and a woman by her figure: There’s a good blend of passing characters and ones whose fate the reader becomes more invested in, with even the helpful private chowringhe cropping up repeatedly in the story.

It is a ‘hotel-novel’ that doesn’t quite transcend the genre as, for example, Vicki Baum’s novel, later filmed npvel Grand Hotelarguably doesbut does offer an interesting picture of the Calcutta of that time — and some quite well-told stories and asides along the way.

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