Counterinsurgency warfare: theory and practice / David Galula; Foreword by John A. David Galula drank as deeply of this bitter draught as did his contempo -. Summary of Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice By David Galula Summary written by Brett Reeder, Conflict Research Consortium Citation: Galula, . operations citing David Galula’s theory. In his book, Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and. Practice, Galula sets a clear mark for planning future COIN.

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Find out what you can do to help society more constructively handle the intractable conflicts that are making so many problems insoluble. There is also much in it to make me think how massive a political failure the Iraq war – and to a good extent, the war in Afghanistan as well – represents.

Win over or suppress the last insurgent remnants. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. For example, insurgent farmers demanding land reform can be stripped of their cause when the state provides land reform. Galula’s laws thus take at face value and recognize the importance of the aphorism, based on the ideas of Mao, that “The people are the sea in which the clunterinsurgency swims.

It is a protracted struggle conducted methodically in order to attain intermediary goals with an eventual aim of overthrowing the existing power structure.

While important in “cold” insurgencies, this is the warfxre activity of counterinsurgents in “hot” insurgencies. Trinquier tends to focus on the tactical and operational level, and although he acknowledges the importance of politics in counterinsurgency, he tends to address military issues.

Jul 28, Marvin rated it really liked it Recommends it for: A successful insurgency requires a viable cause to rally support. The theories in this work are not rocket science since many people must understand and work together to accomplish the different phases of counterinsurgency.

Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice – David Galula – Google Books

Replace the softs and the incompetents, give full support of the active leaders. Summary of Counterinsurgency Warfare: This “compass” is comprised of the laws and principals of counterinsurgency warfare, and corresponding strategy and tactics. Mar 20, Teoh rated it it was amazing. Strengthening the Political Machine. Theory and Practice is highly suggested reading for thepry of the U.


What you do matters, and support can be lost if your actions are unfavorable to the population. Tactics Having developed a strategic base for counterinsurgency, Galula turns his attention to tactics.

Fluidity of coubterinsurgency Insurgent Rigidity of the Counterinsurgent. However, he cautions that the lessons of this book do not guarantee success and that, “As long as the revolutionary situation exists, even in a dormant form, as long as the problem that gave rise to the insurgency vavid not been eliminated, the danger persists” p Another interesting topic discussed was the relative ease that insurgencies can develop and surprise any population once they become fully active.

But decisive action does not necessarily mean military action.

Theory and Practice David Galula Limited preview – Counterinsurgency “in the Cold” As long as an insurgency’s activities remain “on the whole legal and nonviolent,” p 43 the insurgency is referred to as “cold”. Aug 14, Maria rated it liked it Shelves: Despite being a rather slim volume consisting of only pages, and reflecting upon a short time-span of counterinsurgency dating This review of mine is qualified on the basis that I have never served in the armed forces in any capacity, much less participated as a civilian in a counterinsurgency campaign, or even experienced one beforehand.

If there is one thing to learn from the author it is that military might alone cannot defeat an insurgency and that ultimately it is the support of the population that will win the conflict. Test those authorities by assigning them various concrete tasks. Guidelines for Using Beyond Intractability resources.

David Galula

Establish contact with the population and control its movements in order to cut off its links with the guerillas Destroy the local insurgent political organizations Set up, by means of elections, new provisional local authorities.

Galula served as a French military officer in WWII asd afterwords in various outposts of unrest through the cold war, culminating in Algeria during the French army’s rebellion.


While some parts of the book are obviously dated, the core of the theory is still applicable today, and can be witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as several nations in Africa. A very interesting and only too relevant book on counterinsurgency and guerrilla warfare. Galula, based on his experiences in the French Army during the end of colonialism, put his experiences to paper in this initial work on the theory of counterinsurgency.

A key characteristic of all three types of revolutionary warfare is their inherent asymmetry. But only for as long as he cannot be replaced, for it is better to entrust civilian tasks to civilians. Galula warns strongly multiple times of the dangers of having soldiers do any job that should belong to civilians for any extended length of time.

Thus, according to the laws of counterinsurgency, it is important to continuously make efforts at gaining and maintaining the support of the populace in distinct areas by leveraging an active minority.

Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice by David Galula

This is a great book for anyone interested in the topic. His strategy is divided into eight steps: Vulnerability of the Insurgent in the Orthodox Pattern.

Special interest groups, for good or bad, are able to push an agenda because of their aggressive propaganda and lobbying.

Greenwood Publishing Group- History – pages. Though many of its empirical examples are dated, its insights remain hauntingly relevant.

Published August 30th by Praeger Security International first published Many of the counterinsjrgency and strategies listed here have become so commonplace as to appear obvious, but this book was likely revolutionary in its own time. Those willing to actively support a counterinsurgency operation should be supported in their efforts to rally the relatively neutral majority and neutralize the hostile warrfare.