Welcome! Learn more about spotted hyenas, ‘paleo’ diet and life, humans as hunters, and the world of “The Gnoll Credo”, and come talk about it in the forums. The Gnoll Credo has ratings and 20 reviews. Arnstein said: A short book which is at different times: (a) an anthropological study of hyainamorph anth. The Gnoll Credo is a novella which is a thinly disguised polemic about the need for humans to recognise their true nature as hunters and what.

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Its value will depend on what one wants from it. Saying that we need to live in the same brutal manner as our ancestors is ridiculous and to disregard technological advances is a complete denial of the real progress we have made as a species. The Gnoll Credo by J. You’ll eventually start wondering if the Gnolls have gotten something right, which makes it a great book.

Little else is known about the world in which this is set. I feel stupider for having read this book and I wish I could have crfdo part of my life back!

The Gnoll Credo

And then you might have a joyous and bloody and terribly strange adventure, and you might find yourself laughing with the gnolls. The ideas hinted at and joked about in the book are taken and fashioned into a club with which the crexo then beats you to ensure that you understand that he wants you to stop being a squishy, lazy, ccredo farmer and become a fast, efficient predator even though the model for civilization that he proposes is utterly unrealistic, especially for human women.


Between their many conversations, across years, credk mutual fascination emerges, eventually leading to a close friendship. Don’t wear your good clothes. Then you might read it.

We recommend The Book Depository. The term refers to the claim that to be close crwdo nature is to be close to our better selves, and so the primitive person is a better person because of this closeness. Charles rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms.

Conditioning Research: Review: The Gnoll Credo

This lack of a different fantasy setting may be enough to deter some readers, but the real deterrence may be in the actual writing.

Refresh and try again.

We use cookies crsdo give you the best possible experience. I just could get into it I’ll be interested to see what Stanton comes out with next.

No one cares, no one remembers, and it doesn’t matter. To ask other readers questions about The Gnoll Credoplease sign up.

The Gnoll Credo : J. Stanton :

Mar 05, Cedo Thylacine rated it it was ok. This is why we laugh. Then you might read it. A short novel about a scholar that writes a report on gnolls, a tribal, creddo mix between a hyena and person. So solving this incongruity would mean to either embrace the chimp in us or the new predator we’ve at least gnill become. Jan 31, Carol Brannigan rated it really liked it Shelves: It poses many internal questions that will keep you pondering provided that you enjoy pondering about your basic values and the why of your behavior and society’s behavior as a whole.


I will probably never read this book again, and I won’t be suggesting it to any friends any time soon. Usually the ones that lead the games wants to insert the gnolls into their own campaigns and their own worlds, which is a much easier task if the gnolls aren’t already anchored to an existing setting.

credk The first mind is that of the chimp, which primarily feeds on fruits, but which knows the taste of flesh from the occasional killing and consuming of smaller monkeys, and which yearns to have more of that flesh. Orcs and goblins feature in at least half of high fantasy novels, but Gnolll have found less than ten featuring gnolls.

Sell that ‘enchanted’ sword and come join the hyena-people. May 01, Tom Giorgio rated it really liked it.

A well-written piece of fiction