I’ve been looking to read more of Harry Lorayne’s work. I thought his Apocalypse series would be a great place to continue, since I’ve heard. They are awesome books. There are tons upon tons of magic in all the books. I would like to buy them all myself. You could probably live off the. Actually i had taken about 6 months break from magic. But now im back. i have thought of getting the harry lorayne’s apocalypse voles 1 to

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Jul 6, I’ve been looking to read more of Harry Lorayne’s work. I checked out Close-Up Card Magic a long while ago and found it very enjoyable.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Harry Lorayne’s Apocalypse Volumes

I wanted to harrry more of his books, but I took a long break from buying any, since I was still finishing up hrry and had to save funds. Now that I’ve been slowly looking for other books again I thought his Apocalypse series would be a great place to continue, since I’ve heard great things about it and collected anthologies are some of my favorites.

How difficult is it to find these volumes?

I can’t seem to find volume 1 for sale anywhere, and the harrt other volumes I can find are being sold for quite a high amount. I’m sure they’re worth the price, considering how large the books are, but are there any particular places I should be looking for them? Thanks for the help! Jul 7, Why in the world don’t you go to harryloraynemagic. Lorayne, I have looked at your website.


That’s the first place I checked out. After noticing that volumes one and three of Apocalypse were sold out, and that two and four were being sold for quite a high price, I was curious as to how rare and limited they were.

Jul 10, It wasn’t you, Harry, who posted them in loraynd form on Scribd for everyone to read, was it?

The Mati Envelope A brandnew peek device for the working mentalist! Chance’s Token Tarot cards in a scenic piece of mystery Jul 11, I solemnly swear I didn’t know Scribd was a torrent site!

Otherwise wouldn’t have posted here Jul 12, On Jul 11,Nicolino wrote: I’m not referring to any specific content being shared unethically if that’s what has happened but in reference to a “Torrent Site”, I assume people mean a site that is primarily illegally selling and sharing pirated content? Obviously any site can also be used for nefarious purposes. But is it the primary role of Scribd? It sounds like you haven’t looked very hard at Scribd. Torrents are a form of non-centralized, distributed network download where the pieces of a download come not from a single server, but from many peer clients participating in the network.


As with any data transfer protocol, this can be used for legitimate purposes or otherwise. Transfers via torrent do not have a commerce mechanism built in, so material distributed via torrent sites is generally shared, not sold.

Magic Tricks

On Jul 12,Ray Haining wrote: Tim, it would be hard to find anything offensive in it frankly. Jul 13, On Jul 12,Indistinguishable wrote: On Jul 12,Nicolino wrote: Jul 23, I also have had no luck in finding a set myself just yet.

I hope you locate a set for yourself soon Rich! Aug 6, Do whatever you can to secure a set. They are the reference source I go back to time and time again.

Always something new to discover. New York City Posts.

Apocalypse, Volume 4

Nicolino Inner circle Posts. Loraune can ask the monitors to remove the offending posts. Indistinguishable New user 26 Posts. Tim Cavendish Inner circle Posts. Isn’t it twice the fun when irony has to be explained?

So have some fun; explain it. C-suite magic Regular user Posts. This page was created in 0.