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The Kamasutra is a tool with the help of which sex may kaam out to have a sacramental sense, including our feelings and perception aimed at getting the most enjoyment.


The book teach you the following essential thing:. In conclusion, we would like to say that the greatest myth related to sex is a belief that the more sex positions you know, the better lover you are. Posted November 4, Kani kajam edo serial chudali ani chepina agadam na valla kaaka, tana hair ni loose chesi, na vallo kucho petukuni TV ni chudamani chepanu.

Nenu theater lo em cheyal ani vundo tanaki hint laga nenu maatallo cheppan. Taruvata buggalu, pedalu, ipudu bra pina.

As a person moves ahead on the path of Self-Realization, the grip of destiny over him loosens and he gets more and more leverage to change his destiny. Nevertheless, skilfulness and understanding how to use sex positions also plays a great role.


When the materially identified ego has sided with the materialistic forces of creation Mayait is said to have the following faults: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nenu tanani venuka nunchi velli patukuni tana gudha ni nalipanu. Definitely, this book has nothing in common with sexual gymnastics. Merely his power of Sankalpa is good enough to materialize and change any situation either for good or bad according to his sankalpa.

However, the book contains many other chapters, which narrate about various ideas and aspects related to relationship between man and woman. Nenu tanani aapi, na vipu laagi mudhu petanu. Also called evil passions, man’s spiritual heritage constantly gets looted by these internal thieves and their numerous variationscausing him to lose ,amam of his True Being. With mada or ahankarthe false ego up and active, all our actions in the world are for selfish ends.

Kama Daham ( కామ దాహం )

Sure enough, it contains the chapters which provide a profound perception not only of the art of sexual relationships, but also of a very core of the spiritual affinity of the two base principles. These are the fundamental tenets of Kali Yuga.

Tanuaku na modda ni chudataniki kuda siggu ga undhi, kani nenu chepedi ani chestu undhi. The Kamasutra was written in Sanskrit by the philosopher and telufu of ancient India Vatsyayana Mallanaga. Having read the article, you will discover the most important and interesting features concerning the Kamasutra, as follows:. India through the ages. The prelude, or a sexual game, has to be in the highlight of such a ritual. Tanatho epudu travel chestu vela na friends lo okari valana tanaku nenu ante istam ani naku telsindhi.


It is used to publish the text incorrectly, without paying any attention to the authentic translation. Certainly, to some extend such an opinion is quite truly, because one of the chapters indeed is dedicated to the latter topic.

Nenu tana salla nu pisukutu nanu. In the process of the colonization, there was active development of territory and culture of the country by English people, and as a result, they discovered many ancient texts, including the Kama Sutra text.

Dinner chesam, tanu plates ni wash cheyadaniki vellindhi. Nenu kuda sare ani top pina nunche pisukutu unanu.

Arishadvargas – Wikipedia

kmam Control chesuko mundu nuvu Movie start ayindi, inka nenu first nunchi action lo diganu. Views Read Edit View history. Tanu bayapadutu una, baga cooperate chestundhi. The more each individual fights them, the longer will be the life of Dharma in this yuga.

Taruvata tananu nenu chocolate ivamani adiganu. Tanu kalu musukuni undhi. Kani rendo saari, nenu inka koncham gattiga tosanu, ipudu na modda poorthiga lopaliki vellindi.